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Note: The screenshots are from Version 0.9.2. With the new markers, Coverlipse looks way cooler, now. This section will be updated eventually.

Configurable Package Filters

With the package filters, it can be easily configured which packages should be included when recording the coverage and which should be excluded.

Block Coverage Test Result

The result of a Block Coverage. The left view gives an overview over all tested classes. The details are given using markers. The lower view - the Coverlipse Marker View - gives a detailed explanation of each marker. In the editor, the markers show the coverage state of each line.

All Uses Coverage Test Result

The result of an All Uses Coverage. It shows the coverage state of the definitions in the editor and in the Coverlipse Marker View.

All Uses Coverage Test Result, Selecting Details

The result of an All Uses Coverage. Using Quickfix, it is possible to select the result details of a special definition.

All Uses Coverage Test Result Details

The detailed result of an All Uses Coverage. The coverage state of the selected definition is shown in the as well as the coverage states of the uses of this definition. The Coverage Marker View shows the details of the uses as well.

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